Can Dane Cook’s Twitter Followers Generate Buzz About New TV Show?

Next Caller

Image from: TV Equals

Everyone know about comedian Dane Cook. He has released five comedy albums, has starred in a handful of movies and TV shows, and has managed to accumulate over 2,800,000 Twitter followers. So I was intrigued when I read an AdAge article that suggested that Cook’s high number of Twitter followers gives his new TV, called Next Caller which will air on NBC in the fall, a leg up over other new television shows.

I decided to check Compete PRO for any correlation between Twitter and the NBC website, so I looked at the incoming traffic to

Incoming Traffic to

It appears as though Twitter drives a decent amount of traffic to the NBC site – 44,031 visits to be exact. However, this may be due to some of NBC’s other social media efforts as well. Next I decided to check out the search referrals to, to see if people saw Cook’s tweets about his new show, and then searched for more information. However, NBC’s veteran shows dominated their search referral list.

Daily Search Referrals to

In fact, I couldn’t find mention of  Cook or Next Caller anywhere on the search referrals list. All hope isn’t lost though, as the show hasn’t premiered yet. Going forward, it will be interesting to take a look back into the data to see if Next Caller will be able to maximize on Cook’s fan base. With only 3 tweets and less than 200 followers, the @NBCNextCaller twitter handle certainly has a lot of room for improvement!

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