The Weekly Pulse

Weekly Pulse

Did you know that the average Facebook brand post only reaches 16% of its audience? Mashable reported that Facebook has rolled out an updated feature that makes it easy to tell brands the percentage of fans that see their posts among other analytics updates.

CMO’s: Are you looking to extend your tenure? According to AdAge, social data may be the key. Their posts suggests that social data, when used well, can add years to your job’s lifespan.

Is your brand on Google+? Have you had any marketing success with the platform? Digiday writes about brands like H&M, Ferarri and Starbucks that have performed well on the social network. Not surprisingly, these were all B2C companies. Have you found any B2B companies with good Google+ profiles?

Where is the future of SEO headed? According to Search Engine Watch’s Andy Betts it is towards “investment, innovation & integration.” He includes a diagram that demonstrates how search engine optimization has changed over the past few months and is leaning towards more investment in the development of technologies that fuel innovation and integration.

Finally, for all of the recent college graduates out there, this article may be really helpful: Heather Ward of Boston Innovation writes about what she has learned during her first two years working in marketing. She emphasizes the importance of asking questions and spending time planning to make sure you don’t encounter too many “surprises.”

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