Free Report – Digital Trends: Consumer Behavior in Key Financial Sectors

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This white paper provides an update on financial service (FS) consumer online behavior trends that occurred over the past year. We aim to provide you with a clear sense of what is currently going on in the online landscape by examining key metrics – derived from Compete’s panel of two million consumers – to evaluate and benchmark how the industry is performing.

Download the report today and learn:

  • What has increased in demand in the last year
  • What type of shopping is at a two year high
  • What cards and campaigns are attracting super-prime shoppers

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About Jennifer Canfield:
Jennifer Johnston Canfield is a Senior Associate in Financial Services at Compete. Jennifer is responsible for providing competitive analysis to financial services clients. Before Jennifer joined the Compete team she was a social media marketing consultant. Connect with Jennifer on Twitter (@jbjcanfield) or LinkedIn (