Memorial Day Travel: Most Popular Airports


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As Memorial Day approaches, people are packing up their things and shipping out for the long weekend. The Huffington Post published a piece that tracked last year’s popular travel trends, based on the number of FourSquare check-ins on Memorial Day last year. Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport was the leader among airports, suggesting Atlanta had the most people visiting or passing through.

FourSquare data shows day-of activity; I wanted to compare that to data from Compete PRO to see which airport had the most popular website. Compete data are more likely to represent research before travel, rather than day-of, so potentially could be a leading indicator of FourSquare check-ins.

UVs to Airport Websites

Based on unique visitors (UVs) over the past 2 years, the website for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey ( has the most traffic by far. This makes sense given that this site covers JFK International, LaGuardia, and Newark Liberty International, all three of which are websites on FourSquare’s top 10 most popular list.

Excluding that site, however, reveals a much closer race between the other airports’ sites. In May 2011, Boston’s Logan Airport site ( was #8 on HuffPo’s list and had the second highest amount traffic, clocking in at 111,960 UVs. Denver International Airport (, #7 HuffPo) had the least traffic at 14,264 unique visitors that month. Obviously, seasonal patterns can influence airport traffic as well.

Personally, when I am traveling I usually log onto the website of the airline that I am traveling for flight information and use Google Maps for directions if necessary, therefore cutting out the airport site all together. So for me, an airport website must offer a faster and easier way to get travel info that I could get elsewhere. So tell us, what are you looking for when you log onto an airport’s website? How likely are you to check-in on an airline site vs. check-in via FourSquare?

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