Helping Gift Givers and Retail Sites Alike

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With Mother’s Day in the not-so-distant past, and Father’s day on the near horizon, there is no shortage of places to search for, and buy gifts online.  For those of us who are a bit “gifting challenged” there are also a few services out there that will help us find something for the guy or girl who has everything.

The “Gift Gurus” over at, experts in the art of the perfect present, will help troubled boyfriends and mothers alike in finding something for that hard to please loved one.  While I don’t think my girlfriend would approve of The Ex VooDoo Knife Set (at least I hope not!), there are all kinds of gifts consumers can search, and then find on the best retail sites online. is growing at a healthy clip, including spikes up over 6M unique visitors during December of the last two years, and almost 2M more visitors this April than 2 years ago.

UVs to

I wasn’t terribly surprised to see Mother’s Day seems to generate a bit more traffic than Father’s Day, although, I thought there might be more of a spike in February, with Valentine’s Day commanding so much gift giving power.  I’m sure this has nothing to do with “some guys” being a bit behind the 8 ball with gift giving, and not having time to order online…

Since is designed to send consumers onto the actual retail sites to purchase their gifts, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at how effectively drives traffic to the retail sites they work with.

Outgoing Traffic for

About 30% of traffic heads back out to a search engine, which isn’t too much different than we see with most similar sites.  Looks like Amazon, Target and other heavy hitters like eBay are getting some great lift from shoppers that come from  Also of note, Shopzilla & Bizrate (another Shopzilla property) are grabbing a lot of traffic from  While these sites are a bit different, in that they focus more around the whole CPG business, while is focused more on, well, gifts, it’s certainly interesting to see them ranking so high for outgoing visits.  While they may not be direct competitors, they certainly play in some of the same sandboxes, and with traffic of the caliber commands, we’re talking tens of thousands of visitors at even 1% of outgoing share.

What do you think, should be concerned, or is this normal consumer behavior?  Does need to watch where their shoppers go afterwards, or is this simply people being people, and looking for a great deal?  Hit me on Twitter @tkeene6, or throw me an email at