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Game of Thrones

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It seems as though everyone is talking about “Game of Thrones.” In fact, a few weeks ago Forbes reported that the show is on track to become the most pirated show of 2012, stating the show’s April 30th episode was downloaded 2.5 million times in just one day!

Obviously, the show has a large impact on traffic to the HBO site. You’ll notice that “game of thrones” is the second most popular search referral term, driving 12.61% of search referral traffic. “Game of thrones season 2” also appears further down on the list, accounting for 3.24% of search referrals share.

Daily Search Referrals to hbo.com

Looking at the unique visitors to hbo.com, we can see a see that traffic steadily increased throughout the entire first season of the show last year.

Traffic to HBO.comIn addition to the HBO website, the show’s Facebook page also had a huge following. With 2.8 million fans, the page offers trivia, trailers of upcoming episodes, and even a link to buy “Game of Thrones” merchandise. And in case that wasn’t enough, it was just announced that “Game of Thrones” marketers have jumped on the latest marketing trend: gamification. Boston-based game company Disruptor Beam will create a a “Game of Thrones” social game available for users to play on Facebook.

Have you tried incorporating gamification into any of your latest marketing campaigns?

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  1. Lewis LaLanne

    Haven’t tried gamification but I love the premise it’s built on which is activating people who buy your stuff.

    This is crucially important if you sell information – audios, books, videos, reports, etc. – and you’re not in the room with them in an immersion environment getting them to take action.

    A gamification strategy that rewards implementation could be gold!


  2. Romain Chataigner

    Thanks for an interesting article. To continue on this topic, we at Valtech made a post that confronts this news with Games of Thrones’ breaking number of illegal downloads. Check out our blog!


  3. Ricky Strode

    I wish I had the money to try gamification. It would be interesting to see my profession as a video game. I am actually surprised it has not been a video game yet. Thanks for the interesting information. I actually never heard of The Game of Thrones. However, the name makes it sound interesting.