Is the QR Code Dead?

QR Code

Image from: QR Code Image / Shutterstock

Earlier today, I read an article on Mashable describing 5 reasons why your QR code marketing is broken. According to the post, one reason that QR code marketing campaigns don’t work is because most people don’t understand what QR codes are; they cited a study of college students where 78.5% responded that they did not know how to scan a QR code.

In order to gauge the relevance of QR codes, I checked the traffic to two top QR code generating sites over the past few years.The unique visitors to the sites show many peaks and valleys, but most notably, traffic has been in a steady decline over the past few months.

UVs to QR Code GeneratorsSimilarly, visits/person to each of the two sites have also seen a steep decline recently.

Visits per Person to QR Code Generators

Do you think marketers have given up on the QR code? Or are they just trying to re-group and plan out their next campaign? Hopefully, they will learn from these funny QR code fails – my favorite is the one on an ad for a bed bug exterminator inside of a subway car…the perfect way to let everyone around you know that you are infested!

Do you scan QR codes often? Or have you ever tried a QR code marketing campaign? Was it successful? I must admit, although I have the QR code scanner app on my iPhone I have never actually used it.

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