Solar Eclipse: Getting Ready for the “Ring of Fire”

Ring of Fire Eclipse

Image from: Mother Nature Network

Prepare your eye-wear, because this Sunday the annular solar eclipse will take place creating a “ring of fire” in the sky. The ring will be visible as the moon passes between the Earth and Sun, creating a halo effect as the eclipse will block out 94% of the sun’s light.

Cool! But how can you get ready for the eclipse? I checked into the Compete PRO search data to see which sites were the most popular destinations for the search term “solar eclipse.”

Daily Keyword Destinations for Solar Eclipse

NASA came in at number one on the list, which is not surprising as they have an entire page dedicated to this particular eclipse. The page offers a lot of information regarding this eclipse, including many detailed maps and descriptions. After Wikipedia and Yahoo!, appears next on the list, catering to those looking for faster and simpler eclipse info. This site features an “Eclipse Calculator” where you can simply enter your location and the calculator will tell you when the next solar eclipse will be visible in your area.

Apparently, one of the most important things about viewing this year’s eclipse is protecting your eyes. The safest way to view an eclipse is by looking through specially made eclipse goggles or a welder’s shield rated 14 or higher. Since I don’t have any eclipse goggles on hand, I went back to the Compete data to find the best place to buy a pair of said spectacles.

Daily Keyword Destinations for eclipse goggles

After Amazon, there are a number of sites availble where you can buy a pair of goggles to safely view the eclipse. However, Amazon is the only site that pays for the search term, even though it appears that some of the other sites sell eclipse glasses exclusively.

Are you prepared for the “ring of fire” eclipse? Where did you get your eclipse glasses from?

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