Publishers Clearing House: Giving away money to make money?!


Image from: PCH

We’ve all seen the videos online, where a TV crew pulls up to some lucky, unsuspecting household and they roll up to the doorstep with a bunch of balloons and a check the size of highway billboard to make someone rich.  The first thing that always pops into my mind when I come across these clips is “can you cash those checks at the bank?”  The second thought is always “those guys are STILL doing that?”

The answer, most certainly, is definitely.  Not only are they still doing it, the folks over at Publishers Clearing House seem to be doing it better than ever!  I decided to take a look in Compete PRO, and see how they stack up online.

UVs to

With nearly double the traffic from 2 years ago, PCH is showing a steady upward trend in driving people onto  Not bad for a company most widely known for giving away money!  What most people don’t know is you can also shop on  While they’ve always been known for magazine subscriptions, PCH has done a great job in diversifying their offerings to include products ranging from collector’s edition coins to everyday household items like toilet scrubbers.

Curious which of these offerings is responsible for the lion’s share of traffic to, I decided to dig into their search keywords a bit:

Daily Search Referrals to

Not surprisingly, it looks like people are still interested in getting that van filled with balloons to stop outside their door, when they think of Publishers Clearing House.  This leads me to believe their cash giveaways are a very effective way of marketing their other services.  Their paid search seems to indicate the same, as we can tell they’re bidding on the terms that drive people into their contest sections.  I can’t be the only one who’s ever thought, “I’m going to head over to and see if I can’t win a million bucks…and while I’m there, I bet I can get a great price on a 12 DVD set of Ultimate TV Westerns.”

With such a huge amount of traffic, I’m sure PCH can also command top dollar from advertisers interested in reaching the consumers on their sites.  With magazine subscriptions, eCommerce, ad dollars, and several other revenue streams, PCH shouldn’t have much trouble sticking around for another 60 years, as long as they can continue to find new ways to entertain their fans.

Have you ever entered into the million dollar sweepstakes?  What else do you think PCH should add to their repertoire to bring in the big bucks?  Hit me on twitter @tkeene6, or shoot me an email at