John Deere Mows Down the Competition


Image from: Lawn Tractor Buyers Guide

With the first weekend of May under our belts in Boston, spring is in full bloom, and its time to turn our attention towards what needs to be done now that the weather is improving.  Grills need to be cleaned, beer needs to be picked up from the “packy,” as we say up these parts, and stomachs need to be prepped for the inevitable onslaught of sausages and burgers.

On Monday, the landscapers at my building were nice enough to remind me, at 7am, of another spring tradition that some of us might not look forward to quite as much.  Its time to start getting some yard work done.  I decided to take a look in Compete PRO, and see who’s who in the lawn mower world.

UVs to Lawn Mower Sites

With almost quadruple the traffic of their nearest competitor, Cub Cadet, John Deere certainly has quite the advantage.  We can also see that, much like a well-manicured lawn, traffic to all the mower manufacturing companies hits a steady growth spurt in the spring months.

Obviously, the brand sites are a popular destination for consumers looking to pick a shiny new lawn mower.  Where else are consumers researching this need-to-have purchase?

Daily Keyword Destinations for Lawn Mower

It looks like the Mass Merchant & Department Stores category is capturing most of the searches for “Lawn Mowers”, and people tend to find their way to the sites of the brick and mortar stores.  I know I wouldn’t make a big purchase like a lawn mower without first kicking a few tires, and it seems I’m not the only one.  We also see some nice SEM spending, which I’m sure heats up as the spring turns to summer, and overworked, older machines need to be replaced.

It will be interesting to see what the trends look like, as the weather continues to get nicer.  What do you think?  Do you do your research on the brand site first, or go right to one of the stores to see what might look best in your garage?

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