Location, Location, Location: Analyzing Apartment Search Site Keywords

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Several weeks ago, we wrote a post about the top home buying sites and their performance online. As a college student, I am definitely not buying a house anytime soon, so I thought it would be fun to take a look at apartment hunting sites instead. In fact, yesterday Mashable published an article featuring 10 websites for apartment hunters so I decided to look into the traffic of some of the sites they listed.

UVs to Apartment Searching Sites

Looking at the Unique Visitors over the past two years, you’ll see that 3 sites, mynewplace.com, apartments.com and forrent.com, receive much higher traffic than the others. But why? All of the sites appear to have the same features, so I decided to look into the search referrals for each site to find out more.

What I discovered is that many of the popular sites spread out their paid keywords to cover a variety of different location-based terms. For instance, apartments.com pays for keywords from New York to Vegas, Texas and North Carolina.

Daily Search Referrals for Apartments.com

On the other hand, some of the sites with significantly less traffic, like rentjungle.com, do not pay for any search terms at all.

Daily Search Referrals for rentjungle.com

If rentjungle.com were to pay for some keywords, which do you think they should choose knowing that the larger sites already pay for search terms revolving around major cities? My first bet would be to choose terms revolving around smaller neighborhoods – so instead of paying for “apartments in Boston” I would focus my efforts on “apartments in Back Bay” instead.

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