Off to the Races! A Look Into The Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby

Image from: Kentucky Derby Image / Shutterstock

Mint Juleps! Fancy hats! What more could a girl want than a day at the Kentucky Derby?! The 2012 Kentucky Derby will be held this Saturday, so I decided to check up on the online traffic.

Daily Reach to
Daily Reach to the Kentucky Derby site has seen steady growth over the past 3 months, proving that people are gearing up for the race. But what exactly are they excited about?

Daily Search Referrals to

Search referrals to showed that in addition to the actual race, people visiting the site are also interested in the hats and clothing worn by attendees. We can see that mention of Kentucky Derby fashion makes its way onto the top 20 search referrals list. In fact, the top 15 daily keyword destinations for the search term “Kentucky Derby” features a website dedicated to Kentucky Derby hats!

Daily Keyword Destinations for Kentucky Derby

What interests you about the Kentucky Derby? Do you care more about the race or the fashion?

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