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What in the World is Earth Day?

Image from: Earth Image / Shutterstock On Google Trends this afternoon, I noticed that “Earth Day” was a common search term. According to the Huffington Post, Earth Day was created by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970 as a celebration of Earth’s birthday. This year, our good ol’ planet is turning 43. Apparently, Earth Day has been gaining in popularity and retailers from Target to Chipotle are offering freebies and

Gilt is Guilty of Exclusion

Image from: I have always thought of ladies with bags covered in designer logos as walking advertisement. However, I understand and appreciate the high quality materials and level of craftsmanship that comes with the premium price tag. Being one who is drawn to deals and always wanting a bargain, I turn to flash sale sites to look for designer goods. Recently, I visited, a flash sale site that

Searching for Seasonal Allergy Medications

Image from: Allergy Image / Shutterstock Two Sundays ago, we posted a list of sites with the highest monthly increase in Unique Visitors from the “Pharmaceutical Companies and Drugs” category. I noticed that of the top 10 sites, 2 of them were for allergy medicine. Now that spring has sprung, allergies are out in full force so I decided to see what the Compete data said about allergy season. I

Sunday Series: Automotive Manufacturers Fast Movers

Image from: Deviantart This week’s installment of the sunday series features ten sites seeing rapid growth in unique visitors from the automotive manufacturers category. Enjoy!

The Weekly Pulse

Instagram has been all over the news lately. Last week, we were excited to hear that the photo sharing app was finally available on Android, and this week Mashable reported that Facebook bought Instagram for a cool one billion dollars. The app then experienced recording setting growth, according to TechCrunch. Since the launch of the Android app, Instagram recieved over 1,000,000 new users…per day! Do users need to create an account

Near, Far, Wherever You Are: Tracking Titanic Traffic Online

Image from: FanPop Titanic madness is sweeping nations near and far everywhere, and as with any social media hype, the effects can be felt across the World Wide Web.  Who knew 100 years later millions of young and old women (hey, maybe even some men) would be lusting over Leonardo DiCaprio playing a drool-worthy (and completely made up) Jack Dawson in 3 dimensional space?!? Along with the movie release, every

Ready, Set, Go! Traffic Spikes for Marathon Monday

Image from: Infoainment News Marathon Monday is just around the corner and excitement for the Boston Marathon is definitely mounting. Our offices are a stones throw away from the finish line and over the past few days I’ve watched as set up for the race has been kicked into high gear. People around Boston are getting pumped up for the race, but are online users excited for the race too?

Don’t Know What to Buy? Ask Amazon

Image from: Sweet Savings Based on the e-mail recommendations I receive, I’m pretty sure Amazon thinks I’m juggling school with being a new father, and that I enjoy camping, makeup, and video games (only some of which are true).  But I’m willing to bet a lot of this is skewed based on the fact that I work on the retail team at a web analytics company and that sometimes has

Internet Music – How Are You Listening?

Image from: Music Image / Shutterstock The music industry has dramatically changed. Innovation in Internet technology is the primary instigator of this change, because people have the ability to listen freely to their favorite beats. Platforms like iTunes (not free), RDIO, and Pandora are ushering in waves of creative applications that cater to every need of their consumers. Sean Parker, co-founder of Napster, would obviously argue that the Internet and music industries

March 2012 US Search Market Share Report

The share trends among the top 3 engines continued this month, with slight market share increases for Bing and Yahoo! Bing Powered engines (Bing and Yahoo!) picked up the 0.5ppt’s share the Google Powered engines lost. Google Powered now represents 66.3%% of the market and Bing Powered has over a third of the US web search market at 33.7%. AOL saw a slight decline of .1ppt in share, while Yahoo!

Could the Madmen Go Digital?

Image from: Huffington Post Madmen is back and with the newest trend of #draping surpassing the meme of #tebowing all over the Internet, I decided to look how the advertising gurus of the 60’s were holding up in the digital age. Looking on we can see that keyword “Madmen” returned the following searches: returned the highest search volume with approximately 64% of search, not surprising since AMC is