Klout, Where Have All the Egos Gone?


Image from: Web Strategy

Last year, when Klout was the new kid on the block I wrote a post titled Does Klout Have Clout? questioning whether Klout’s measure of social influence had merit. While the site does gain traffic based on our obsession with ourselves, Narcissus might remind us that vanity doesn’t ever end well. Klout may have gained more exposure in the last year, but it seems the following it once had is eating some humble pie and deciding what they are influential about without the help of Klout.

Klout says that I am influential in the Puppies, Pizza, Bullying and Ryan Reynolds, topics I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a “specialist” in. With or without Klout, I can decide what I am influential in online.

I decided to see check in and see if Klout still has any influence online , especially with the release of their mobile app this week.

Looking at Daily Reach and Daily Attention for Klout.com it seems that people have a love/hate relationship with the site. High spikes of reach and attention are followed closely by deep dives.

Daily Reach and Attention to Klout.com

Klout did see an increase of Reach and Attention this week, a spike that could be attributed to the buzz around their mobile app release.

Looking further at Total vs. Paid Search Referrals we can see that total search is down overall.

Search Referrals for Klout.com

Are more and more people realizing that Klout’s ability to measure our social influence is completely reliant on labeling Klout influential? It seems to me that Klout is losing clout and influence in the space they have created.

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