After Mega Millions, Will We Ever Play the Lottery Again?

Power Ball

Image from: Inquisitr

Can you imagine what it would be like to win the lottery? A few weeks ago Mega Millions was all over the news and we fantasized about what it would have been like to win the $640 million jackpot. Now that the Mega Millions hype has died down, Power Ball is getting more attention as we receive reports of big winnings, and even a story about one woman who won twice…in one day!

I wanted to see how traffic to Power Ball site stacked up to Mega Millions, so I checked the Daily Reach to both websites for the last 30 days.

Daily Reach to Mega Millions and Power BallWe can still see the big spike in traffic generated by the Mega Millions record setting jackpot last month, but attention has since died down. What’s more is that the recent news stories about Power Ball hasn’t caused any increase in traffic to the site in the past few days. Maybe our hearts are still broken because we didn’t win Mega Millions, or maybe we are unimpressed by Power Ball’s mere $40 million jackpot (who am I kidding?). Either way, Power Ball’s site traffic remains the same.

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