Did Anyone “Cover the Night”?

Cover the Night

Image from: Invisible Children

We’ve written plenty of posts about the #StopKONY movement before: when the video was first released we documented the huge spike in traffic to the KONY 2012 website. A few weeks later, we checked back in on the site and saw that, as to be expected, traffic was declining. On April 5th, Invisible Children released a second follow-up video, however it was not nearly as successful as it’s predecessor; the follow-up video got less than 2% of traffic that the “KONY 2012” video got in its first five days. Ouch.

The Invisible Children organization planned to hit the streets on April 20th to plaster posters of  Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony to raise awareness about his actions, but I don’t remember see any posters when I woke up on Saturday morning. Was this the same in other cities? I checked the daily reach to kony2012.com to find out.

Daily Reach to kony2012.com

Daily Reach to the site shows a big jump from the 19th to the 20th, so despite  reports that the turnout was less than impressive, it appears as though “Cover the Night” was still able to get some traction online. What happened where you live? Did you notice any KONY 2012 posters?

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  1. Matthew Henricks

    Well, here at the University of Arizona, the faculty is on a man hunt because these individuals decided “Cover the Night” would be best represented by using real paint across the main area on campus.

    Yeah…that went over REAL well with the school authorities.