Can Charles Barkley Help Men Lose Weight?

Charles Barkley Weight Watchers

Image from: Huffington Post

The other night, I saw one of Charles Barkley’s ads for Weight Watchers and wondered to myself, “Do men respond to these ads?” Being a female, I am obviously not the target audience for these commercials, but since I wrote about the overall status of diet and fitness sites last week, I thought it would be interesting to look at this specific campaign.

The advertisements featuring the ex-NBA star  who is ironically famous for not being a role model, premiered last December, at the start of the NBA season. In order to evaluate the success of this “Lose Weight Like a Man” campaign, I checked the gender demographics of the visitors to the Weight Watchers site over the past year.

Weight Watchers Gender Demographics

We can see that when Sir Charles’ campaign offically launched at the end of December, it did not have an effect on the number of men visiting the Weight Watchers site. In an effort to step it up, Barkley donned women’s clothing this past March in a new Weight Watchers ad, in the hopes of catching more male attention. Sadly though, it appears at his efforts were in vain as gender demographics to the site have stayed the same.

So guys, what do you think of these ads? Does seeing Sir Charles in women’s wear inspire you, or weird you out? What do you think it would take to get you to consider Weight Watchers as a viable weight loss option? Feel free to weigh in (pun intended) in the comments!

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