Think Like a Man Beats Out The Hunger Games at the Box Office and Online

Think Like a Man

Image from: Just Flick

A few weeks ago we wrote about how The Hunger Games was exploding online; the official movie website saw a huge increase in traffic, and the movie even showed up as a search referral to Then this morning, reports came in that Think Like a Man, a movie based off of Steve Harvey’s best selling book, had beat out The Hunger Games in the box office, earning $33 million last weekend. I wanted to check the Compete data to see if the trend continued online.

Daily Reach to Both Movie Sites

Daily Reach to the website for each movie confirmed this pattern; traffic to The Hunger Games has declined, while Think Like a Man is steadily increasing.

On Facebook, Think Like a Man’s page appears to again have the upper hand. While they have significantly fewer “likes,” The Hunger Games’ page boasts 4.4 million likes while Think Like a Man only has 772,000, things are just getting started for TLAM. The romantic comedy premiered this past Friday and has therefore had significantly less time to rack up “likes,” so comparing the number of fans is not an even comparison. What is impressive, however, is the rate at which people seem to be visiting the Think Like a Man Facebook page.

Outgoing Traffic for Think Like a Man
Outgoing Traffic for The hunger Games

Looking at the outgoing traffic from both sites, TLAM fares much better socially. Facebook appears first on Think Like a Man’s outgoing traffic list, taking up 19.45% of all outgoing traffic, while only 8.05% of The Hunger Games’ outgoing traffic is to Facebook. Perhaps, this is due in part to Kevin Hart’s strange call-to-action at the end of the TLAM trailer, but either way, it will be interesting to monitor the movie’s success going forward.

Have you guys seen either film? What do you think The Hunger Games can do to try and re-energize visitors to their site?

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