Kickstarter Kicking Butt: Funding Platform Sees Record High Traffic


Image from: Gigaom

Yesterday, I read an article where the guys over at The Next Web calculated that Kickstarter raised over $119 million in the last year. Holy cow, that is more than three times the amount they raised in company’s first two years of existence! Since we know that Kickstarter takes 5% of money earned, the company has made just  under $6 million since last April.

So where did all of this money come from? Well, it is not surprising to see that over the past two years Kickstarter has seen steady growth.

UVs to KickstarterNext, I looked at the Search Referrals to see which search terms drove the most traffic to the site.

Daily Search Referrals to Kickstarter

The search term “render-k pen” was the project that drove the most traffic to the site, as users searched for the custom machined aluminum pen that successfully reached its funding goal on January 8th. The next project on the list was the TidyTilt which is an “earbud cord wrap, multi-position kickstand, and mount for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S” that looks really cool. Finally, musical artist Jody Katopothis drove 1.69% of search referral traffic to Kickstarter in support of her first studio album.

You’ll notice that Kickstarter’s search strategy is relatively simple as they only pay for the term “kickstarter” and let the rest of the search traffic come from the individual project themselves. What are the most memorable Kickstarter project that you have seen? Have you funded any cool projects lately?

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