The Weekly Pulse

Our favorite ballpark, Fenway Park, turned 100 yesterday and Boston Innovation wrote about the ways that the Red Sox used social media to celebrate the birth of the ballpark. This week, the people behind the Red Sox Twitter handle hid 300 ballons filled with tickets around Boston and tweeted out hints about the location of the balloons. What a cool idea!

Does your brand have a social personality? AdAge published a list this week of five tips for building your brands personality. For instance, they stress the importance of maintaing a good balance between “selling” and “non-selling” messages sent from your social networks.

Do you have trouble figure out what types of content you should post to each of your brand’s social networks? Mashable put together an infographic that describes the different between Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. They describe the best practices, audience and “secret weapons” for each network.

Search Engine Watch reported that Google will now offer new metrics for brand marketers. According to Augustine Fou, a digital strategy advisor at Google, these new metrics will “help advertisers only pay for display ads that are actually seen.”

Finally, Tumblr announced this week they will start advertising through the use of “radar” posts. Radar will be used to highlight a selection of images from across Tumblr. What do you think of this idea? What types of brands do you think will most benefit from Tumblr ads?

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