Beach Bodies and Zac Efron: An Updated Look into Diet and Fitness Sites

Zac Efron Men's Health

Image from: Global Grind

Warm weather is finally upon us, at least here in Boston, and that can only mean one thing: beach season. Now that the sun is out people are starting to shed their winter clothes in exchange for more revealing summer-wear. A while back, we wrote a post detailing the Diet and Fitness websites that saw traffic spikes after the New Year, but which sites are people turning to now that their resolution resolve has faded?

Top 15 Diet and Fitness January and March

While many of the sites are the same from January to March, there are some interesting takeaways: first, appears in the March top 15 list, confirming my suspicion that people are starting to think about getting in shape for the summer. Also, appears at #7  in the March list while it does not make the top 15 list for January at all. Do men care more about their beach bods than women?

In order to find out, I looked at the demographics of the first 10 sites on the January and March lists. I looked at the gender demographics of the from the January list, during the month of January, and computed the average. Similarly, I took the average of the gender demographics of each of the March sites during the month of March.

Average Gender Demographics

Although the numbers shift a little from January to March, the gender demographics still show more women visiting the diet and fitness sites than men. So then why did rank so high on the March list? Two words: Zac Efron. The actor/heartthrob appeared on the cover of Men’s Health’s magazine this month, and I would venture a guess that he has something to do with the traffic spike.

How do you think diet and fitness sites could use the warm weather to drive more traffic to their websites? More pictures of Zac Efron? Let us know when you think!

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