Searching for Seasonal Allergy Medications


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Two Sundays ago, we posted a list of sites with the highest monthly increase in Unique Visitors from the “Pharmaceutical Companies and Drugs” category. I noticed that of the top 10 sites, 2 of them were for allergy medicine. Now that spring has sprung, allergies are out in full force so I decided to see what the Compete data said about allergy season.

I checked the unique visitors of several over the counter allergy medications and noticed that last year, all of the sites saw particularly high spikes in March through July. Now that the March data is live, we can see the numbers are starting to pick up again this year.

Unique Visitors to Allergy Medication SitesSince all of the sites display that same patterns in traffic, I decided to take a look at the search referrals to each site, to try and determine why some sites had higher traffic numbers than others.

Allegra Top 10 Search Referrals

Zyrtec Top 10 Search Referrals

Benadryl Top 10 Search Referrals

Claritin Top 10 Search Referrals

Many of the sites displayed similar paid search terms; for instance, every allergy medication site pays for some form of coupon related search term. Zyrtec, the site with the highest UVs over the past few years, also pays for the keyword “children’s zrytec” while none of the other sites feature child related keywords. What’s more interesting is that Allegra pays for the search term “systems of cat allergies” presumably a typo for “symptoms” of cat allergies. Surprisingly, this term drives 2.51% of all search referral traffic to their website.

Are you suffering from seasonal allergies? Looking at the search terms, how would you market these allergy medications? Let us know what you think!

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