The Weekly Pulse

Instagram has been all over the news lately. Last week, we were excited to hear that the photo sharing app was finally available on Android, and this week Mashable reported that Facebook bought Instagram for a cool one billion dollars. The app then experienced recording setting growth, according to TechCrunch. Since the launch of the Android app, Instagram recieved over 1,000,000 new users…per day!

Do users need to create an account or sign-in to leave comments on your website? Do all of your blog posts have by-lines? According to Search Engine Watch, these are some of the things that are hurting your SMO and “making you look foolish.” Check out their complete list of 13 social optimization oversights that you might be making.

Have you tried a text message marketing campaign? Most text message marketing is usually poorly received by consumers so Boston Innovation put together a list of 5 inbound mobile marketing tactics that will hopefully make your next campaign a success.

Have you seen the newly redesigned Google+ pages yet? What did you think? According to a Mashable poll, 57% of people “love” the redesign, 14% hate it and the remaining 28% aren’t sure yet.

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About Kendra Bissonnette:
Kendra comes to Compete to work in the Online Marketing department as the social media co-op. Kendra is currently a student at Northeastern studying Communications and Interactive Media. Find Kendra on Twitter @KNBissonnette.