Ready, Set, Go! Traffic Spikes for Marathon Monday

Boston Marathon Finish Line

Image from: Infoainment News

Marathon Monday is just around the corner and excitement for the Boston Marathon is definitely mounting. Our offices are a stones throw away from the finish line and over the past few days I’ve watched as set up for the race has been kicked into high gear. People around Boston are getting pumped up for the race, but are online users excited for the race too?

Looking at traffic to the Boston Athletic Association’s site over the past two years, we can see that the 2011 race drove almost double the amount of unique visitors to the site than the 2010 race did.

Unique Visitors to

But how about this year? We aren’t able to see the post-race results yet, but Daily Reach to looks promising and has been steadily climbing for the past 6 months.

Daily Reach to

Once the race is over, it will be interesting to do an updated post to see how this year’s traffic measures up to last year.

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