Near, Far, Wherever You Are: Tracking Titanic Traffic Online

Jack and Rose

Image from: FanPop

Titanic madness is sweeping nations near and far everywhere, and as with any social media hype, the effects can be felt across the World Wide Web.  Who knew 100 years later millions of young and old women (hey, maybe even some men) would be lusting over Leonardo DiCaprio playing a drool-worthy (and completely made up) Jack Dawson in 3 dimensional space?!? Along with the movie release, every news outlet has done some sort of editorial piece on Titanic legends and/or ran a Titanic special on Television (available in HD, of course) to commemorate the Titanic centennial. Every website has probably written a blog post about the event (ahem), and it’s hard to escape the madness as people everywhere throw out Titanic fun facts. Here’s the latest one: there’s a handful of people on Twitter who vocalize their shock in discovering oh hey, Titanic wasn’t just an idea James Cameron came up with in the middle of the night, but it actually happened. The fact that there is even one person who didn’t know Titanic was real is… pretty scandalous.  I took a look at Compete data to see where exactly people are going when they search for the keyword “Titanic”, and is in the number 3 spot and takes 10th place in daily keyword destinations—both of these sites beating out, which is in the number 14 spot.

Daily Keyword Destinations for Titanic

Taking a look at the Unique Visitors trend of and over the past two years, was always lower in traffic until recently, hitting a peak in February and keeping with its upward trend in March.  However, the site can’t quite keep up in growth with, reaching just under 100K Unique Visitors in March. I’m going to give my fellow internet goers the benefit of the doubt, and assume well-informed people expanding on their wealth of knowledge are the ones driving up traffic to the site, rather than dazed teenagers looking to validate that the Titanic actually did happen…

Unique Visitors to and

So even if being a historian isn’t your specialty, there’s plenty of us know the story and who have seen the movie and plenty of us who are pretty pumped to see it again in 3D. (When I saw the movie preview a few weeks ago for the first time since I was a ten year old brace face, I couldn’t breathe). It’s the love story of my generation, or as Wikipedia most perfectly puts it, it’s an “epic romantic disaster film,” that any woman between the ages of 22 and 35 can most vividly remember. We will use the Internet to research it, write it, and, to the horror of the world, we will tweet it.

About Jessica Davidson:
Jessica Davidson is a Project Manager on the data team at Compete, and revels in working with big data on a daily basis. She is a graduate of Northeastern University, having completed her B.A. in Mathematics. Feel free to connect with Jessica about all things digital and intelligent on LinkedIn.

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  1. Yucel

    That photo from fanpop kinda says it all, beautiful people in beautiful settings…


  2. Asa

    Titanic is the love story of your generation? I wonder what the demographic breakdown to the various sites is? That might tell you if the interest is coming from people who are reminiscing about when then were 10 years old. In any event, interesting blog post, and it’s pretty amazing to see how many Titanic specific web sites there are! Love story or not, the Titanic certainly is famous!


  3. Jason

    Holy crap! FWIW I bought my soon-to-be-wife the Titanic Soundtrack as her first xmas present from me. This blog brings back so many memories of my early adulthood.

    So, in conclusion … next time include the demographics of the UV’s.

    Thanks a mil!


  4. Micaela

    awesome blog! you’re so smart and witty!


  5. val

    I didn’t know they released a 3D version of this movie. For me it was perfectly fine in 2D only.


  6. Jessica

    Thank you for the comments, fellow blog goers. Jason and Asa, if you go to you can take a look at the titanic domains’ demographics.

    It’s interesting to see that has a 51% male breakdown, and the highest age groups are 18-24 and 25-34 at 24% each. For, 52% are male and the highest age group is 35-44 at 22%. So definitely younger people are more interested in the movie itself, whereas older people are more intrigued in researching the historical facts. Which age group do you fall into, and which site would you be more inclined to frequent?


    • Asa

      Jess, don’t you know it’s not polite to ask people how old they are? But, interesting that the male/female breakdown is even for the movie and information sites. I saw the movie once, thought it was decent, but I’m not interested in seeing it in 3D.


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