March 2012 US Search Market Share Report

Search Market Share 2

The share trends among the top 3 engines continued this month, with slight market share increases for Bing and Yahoo!

March 2012 Search Market Share Report

  • Bing Powered engines (Bing and Yahoo!) picked up the 0.5ppt’s share the Google Powered engines lost.
  • Google Powered now represents 66.3%% of the market and Bing Powered has over a third of the US web search market at 33.7%.
  • AOL saw a slight decline of .1ppt in share, while Yahoo! gained slight share for the 2nd month in a row.
  • Bing experienced a share increase of 0.4ppt’s to now represent 18.0% of the US search market.
  • The overall search market – as defined by these 4 engines – saw an a slight decline in query volume despite March having 2 more days than February.