Will Zuckerberg Cause an InstaFail?


Image from: White Gadget

If you’ve been anywhere on the web in last 24 hours you are aware that photo sharing app Instagr.am has not only expanded their app to Droid systems, but has been acquired by Facebook. And while this billion dollar deal is looking pretty good for the 13 person company, others on the web seem skeptical. I decided to see how other companies that Facebook acquired have fared online.

Since 2009 Facebook has acquired Gowalla.com and Friendfeed.com (among other acquisitions). While Gowalla still technically has a domain name it does not receive a high amount of traffic. Friendfeed is still active online but has seen a significant decline in traffic.

UVs to Gowalla.com

UVs to Friendfeed.com

While the trend seems to not bode well for any of the above companies, Instagram seems to be expanding at a different pace. While Instagram has promised that the app will not be going anywhere, it seems that history has a tendency of repeating itself.

Will you still use Instagram? If not why?

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