Baseball 2012: Search Terms That Drive Home Run Traffic


Image from: Baseball Image / Shutterstock

The start of Spring is not complete without baseball. As the MLB got off to another  intense start last week, I decided to use Compete to find out what fans have been searching for to get their baseball season started.

I found the top 20 search referrals for Baseball to be interesting when looking at this specific industry in Category search.

Daily Keyword Destinations for "Baseball"

It seems as though fans are most interested in trade rumors rather than their own teams this season. As any big trades can be ‘game changers’ for teams that failed to gain playoff momentum last  year, it’s a safe bet that this search will remain popular into the season. This search also solidifies the necessity of trade rumor gossip when helping to get fans excited early into the season.

However, you can’t get your hopes up with just the trade rumors. I wanted to cross the list above with the top 10 subdomains of to get a better picture of what teams specifically were most popular.


The top search for category referrals was Detroit tigers, however their subdomain failed to rank in the top 10 with 216,393 UVs. The two biggest rivals in the league were the most popular subdomains for based on unique visitors. At the top we found at 475,095 and right behind at 387,348. With both of these teams off to a terrible start (both 0-3) it’s tough to say where fan browsing will be as the season goes forward.

As a last thought, I am curious to also see if overall traffic to will increase the same way it has the past two years as the season gets underway.

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