Update: Where is #STOPKONY now?

Kony Stencil

Image from: Invisible Children

Last month we wrote about how the #STOPKony campaign has taken the internet by storm. With the negative press that the Invisible Children organization has received since their video reached viral status I wanted to see how the organization was responding on the web.

Looking at daily reach and daily attention for Invisiblechildren.com we can see that traffic has decreased in the last month.

Daily Reach and Attention to InvisibleChildren.com

Interestingly, traffic has remained higher than before the #STOPKony video was released.

Looking at the campaign site Kony2012.com we can see that traffic has also been falling since legitimacy of the organization has come into question.

Daily Reach and Attention to kony2012.com

Yesterday, Invisible Children released an updated video which has already just over 8 hundred thousand views (the original has over 87 million).

Which leads me to wonder, is the #STOPKony campaign really just a lot of talk and no game? Why has site traffic dropped off so drastically?

With Invisible Children still planning to “Cover the Night” on April 20th can the organization sustain enough online engagement to make an impact?

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