Tablets and Magazines: A Match Made in Heaven

Top 10 Insights for Magazine Tablet Advertising

Image from: Kantar Media

This week, Compete’s parent company, Kantar Media, published a great set of insights specific to magazine publishing and tablets (with a naturally heavy leaning on the iPad) – so we thought we’d share.

You can download the whole piece here, but I thought I’d pull out what I found most interesting: most of the advertising in the app are the same ads as the print magazine.  This highlights, for me, a major weakness in the approach the magazines are taking to building these apps.  Namely, that they are seeking to utilize the print version of their magazine as the basis for their app.  It’s understandable why they do this – it is the fastest way to publish to tablets.  But it also creates an undifferentiated experience for the consumer.

As more and more people use tablets, magazine publishers should rethink this equation and figure out that they can create a much more interactive experience for tablet readers.  That should include, specifically, a new way to look at advertising.  So rather than bundling tablet ads as part of a traditional print media advertising buy, they should look at new ways to create interactive ad experiences that will attract the attention of consumers.  This is also a potentially great revenue opportunity for them as they should be able to charge higher rates when this type of advertising creates richer interactions with consumers.

What do you think?  Are magazines missing the boat with their current approach to apps and advertising?  Let us know in the comments!

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