Why aren’t nail polish brands on Pinterest?!

Giraffe Nail Polish

Image from: Pinterest

Alright, alright I have a problem: a nail polish problem. I love nail polish and I am constantly painting my nails, buying new colors and reading beauty blogs for all of the latest nail polish trends. I also probably have a Pinterest problem, as I can get lost in pretty pictures of weddings, interior design ideas, delicious looking vegetarian recipes and of course, nail polish.

Pinterest is of my favorite places to search for fun nail designs and I am often inspired to try and more importantly BUY things that I see on Pinterest. Then it occurred to me: why don’t nail polish brands have their own Pinterest accounts? Often people don’t include the colors they used in their pins, so brands that posted pictures of fun things that could be done with their specific nail polish colors seems like a no brainer. I follow OPI, my favorite brand of nail polish, on Twitter and I generally enjoy their tweets but I was interested to see if they would benefit from having their own Pinterest account.

I looked at incoming traffic to the top nail polish brands to see where Pinterest fell on the list. Interestingly, the data varies depending on the brand. For instance, Pinterest ranks #15 for OPI.com, while it doesn’t make the incoming traffic list at all for ChinaGlaze.com.

Incoming Traffic to Nail Polish Sites

Clearly, creating a Pinterest account would be successful for some brands more than others, however, given the sometimes viral nature of photos on Pinterest, I still think creating a Pinterest account is something that brands should look into. Then again, it might be better for my wallet if they don’t…

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