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Stanley Cup Playoffs: Searching for a Winner

Image from: Now that we are into round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, I thought it would be interesting to take a look back into the traffic. Last time, I checked out the top performing subdomains to the site, so this time around I wanted to look and see which search terms were driving the most traffic to the NHL site. Even though the Bruins have been sadly

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo Online

Image from: Cinco de Mayo Image / Shutterstock Time for a quiz: do you know the significance of Cinco de Mayo?  If you guessed Mexican Independence Day you’d be …wrong. Cinco de Mayo is actually a day to commemorate Mexico’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War in 1862. In the United States, Cinco de Mayo is observed to commemorate Mexican heritage and culture. Did

Sunday Series: Online Leisure Gaming Fast Movers

Image from: Gaming Image / Shutterstock This week for our Sunday Series we have sites with large monthly increases in Unique Visitors. You’ll notice OMGPOP is on the list, perhaps due to the success of “Draw Something.”

The Weekly Pulse

LinkedIn launched their long awaited iPad app this week, and decided to take a new direction for their social network’s app. According to Mario Sundar, LinkedIn’s social media manager, they designed the app “for how people use the iPad: morning and night infotainment.” How do you measure the success of your brand’s social media efforts? Digiday writes about brands that claim to have found a way to capture the ROI

The Impact of the Mobile Shopper

This white paper explores the continued evolution of the online shopper and the impact of the mobile shopper. Currently, consumers conduct 11% of their online shopping on mobile devices. As mobile phones and tablets become more prevalent, consumers will continue to shift their online shopping from PCs to mobile devices. Included in this whitepaper are some tips and recommendations to help retailers and brands prepare for the shift into m-commerce. Download the free e-book and learn:

Klout, Where Have All the Egos Gone?

Image from: Web Strategy Last year, when Klout was the new kid on the block I wrote a post titled Does Klout Have Clout? questioning whether Klout’s measure of social influence had merit. While the site does gain traffic based on our obsession with ourselves, Narcissus might remind us that vanity doesn’t ever end well. Klout may have gained more exposure in the last year, but it seems the following it once

Best Sellers Battle for Traffic Online

Image from: Book Image / Shutterstock Have you read any good books lately? After finishing The Hunger Games trilogy, I was looking for a new read so I decided to check out the New York Times best sellers list to see which books were on top in the fiction category. Combined Print & E-Book Fiction: FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, by E. L. James FIFTY SHADES DARKER, by E. L. James

After Mega Millions, Will We Ever Play the Lottery Again?

Image from: Inquisitr Can you imagine what it would be like to win the lottery? A few weeks ago Mega Millions was all over the news and we fantasized about what it would have been like to win the $640 million jackpot. Now that the Mega Millions hype has died down, Power Ball is getting more attention as we receive reports of big winnings, and even a story about one woman who won twice…in

Did Anyone “Cover the Night”?

Image from: Invisible Children We’ve written plenty of posts about the #StopKONY movement before: when the video was first released we documented the huge spike in traffic to the KONY 2012 website. A few weeks later, we checked back in on the site and saw that, as to be expected, traffic was declining. On April 5th, Invisible Children released a second follow-up video, however it was not nearly as successful as it’s

Can Charles Barkley Help Men Lose Weight?

Image from: Huffington Post The other night, I saw one of Charles Barkley’s ads for Weight Watchers and wondered to myself, “Do men respond to these ads?” Being a female, I am obviously not the target audience for these commercials, but since I wrote about the overall status of diet and fitness sites last week, I thought it would be interesting to look at this specific campaign. The advertisements featuring

NFL Draft Blitzes Traffic to Sports Sites

Image from: Football Image / Shutterstock The 2012 NFL draft will be held this Thursday, Friday and Saturday in New York and the Internet is already abuzz with excitement and predictions. In fact, “NFL draft” has been a popular search term, according to Google Trends, for the past few days.  I wanted to see what kind of impact the draft has had on traffic to football sites, so I checked