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Online Gaming Co.’s Scrabbling for Traffic

Image from: Games Image / Shutterstock I have to admit between my Facebook News Feed, TweetDeck, Barstool Sports, and combing YouTube for new funny cat videos, my workdays at Compete are pretty filled up.  However, even with my busy schedule, I always try to make time for online games. Whether I’m pwning Zombies with my Plants on Popcap, Scrabbling it up on Pogo, or Spinning the Wheel of Fortune for

Webinar Replay: How Ad Effectiveness Tools Can Help Optimize Your Media Strategy

Image from: Ruzanna/Shutterstock Compete recently hosted a webinar on “How Ad Effectiveness Tools Can Help Optimize Your Media Strategy.” Learn how our panel based solutions are able to provide data and insights you need to understand how your advertising affects consumer behavior. Listen to Holly, Director of Ad Effectiveness Solutions on what you’ll learn from our webinar: Holly Rae on Ad Effectiveness from on Vimeo. Watch the replay below:

Sunday Series: Real Estate Top Movers

Image from: House Image / Shutterstock As promised, here is our first official installment of our new Sunday Series. Below is the list of sites with the most monthly change in unique visitors in the real estate category.

The Weekly Pulse

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Yahoo made big news this week when they filed a lawsuit against Google for infringing on 10 different patents. Search Engine Watched reported that Yahoo claims Facebook’s News Feed and video content ads are based off of Yahoo’s social networking and online advertising patents. According to AdAge, 70% of all Facebook activity revolves around photos, whether it be uploading, commenting or even liking them. Thus, they

New Series! Industry Top Movers

Image from: Airplane Image / Shutterstock We would like to officially announce the start of a new series that will appear on the Compete Pulse! Each Sunday, we will post a list of the top ten sites with the highest gains in monthly unique visitors from different industries. To give you a taste of what to look forward to, here is the top moves from February in the airlines category. Be sure

Planning for Spring – Seed and Gardening Traffic Patterns

Image from: Gardening Image / Shutterstock A mild winter followed by an early spring here in Boston has me thinking about planting a garden. Living in the city, this can be challenging. I grew up in a more rural part of the state. My mother still maintains a roadside farm stand where she sells extra produce and flowers she has grown and I spent many childhood summer hours pulling weeds

March Madness: Can Your Bracket Slam Dunk on Twitter?

With March Madness starting I decided I wanted to get in on the excitement and create my own bracket. So, instead of picking my team based on stats and rankings I decided to create my 2012 March Madness Bracket based on which schools had the best Twitter presence. This leaves me betting on Florida vs. Kansas … we’ll see how social plays out. Florida @GatorZoneNews: Followers: 42,997 Following: 182 Tweets:

Etsy’s Page Views Surpass Other Ecommerce Sites

Image from: Design Style Guide It’s no surprise that so many more people are shopping online these days. Aside from accessibility, every type of shop is at your fingertips. is a crafters paradise, setting it apart from other retail sites, Etsy is not your traditional online shopping experience. The online crafting community allows you to search by color, handmade or vintage materials as well as locally. I decided to

The awe inspiring joy of R/C helicopters (and other market insights)

Image from: Sergey Mironov / Shutterstock Have you ever thought how great it would be to have a remote controlled helicopter?  Sure you have.  I assume it’s the lifelong dream of every (wo)man-child across the globe, but, similar to the G.I. Joe/Barbie life-size electric toy cars, such items remained woefully out of reach during my youth.  I had long given up such juvenile thoughts, until a co-worker informed me that

Britannica Kills Print Encyclopedia: Will You Use the Online Version?

Image from: S. Miroff / Shutterstock Yesterday, Britannica announced that that the 2010 Encyclopaedia Britannica will be the last one that is printed in hard copy. Going forward, Britannica will publish content to Britannica Online in lieu of their traditional, 32-volume print edition. In fact, starting yesterday, the company is allowing free access to the Britannica Online. In a blog post by Jorge Caus, President of Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc., he notes,

Dell: The Newest Member to Join The Ultrabook Club

Image from: All Things D Since Intel dubbed a new class of personal computers, called ‘Ultrabooks’, last year, many computer manufacturers have now entered the market to offer their own ultra-thin, notebooks designed for performance. Intel has claimed Ultrabooks will make up 40% of the market by the end of this year and Dell has been one of the most recent manufacturers to enter with its XPS 13 Ultrabook launch.