RT and Fight Injustice #Trayvon #STOPKony

Trayon Martin

Image from: Existenceisresistance.org

Social media has been the culprit behind a lot of recent justice issues. From #KONY2012 to the backlash on Rush Limbaugh’s inappropriate comment, Twitter is where people are going to have conversations on these issues, or at the very least, to share and promote opinions.

These issues are complex and I doubt that clicking a link is actually going to solve the complications of women receiving birth control. But, retweeting a link or adding a hashtag has clearly been causing a buzz on the internet.

Which leads me to wonder, can social media actually bring about justice?

The petition “Prosecute the killer of our son, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin,” on Change.org has reached 2.2 million signatures since the campaign first launched on March 8. Looking at Compete.com we can see that Daily Reach and Daily Attention to Change.org have been on the rise since the campaign first launched.

Daily Reach and Attention to Change.org

The highest spike in traffic is seen on March 22, the same day that ‘A Million Hoodies’ led a march to bring justice to the Trayvon Case and end racism.

Looking at Search Referral Share for the site, we can see that “Trayvon Martin Petition” is #2.

Search Referral Share to Change.org

Two Million for #Trayvon

Image from: Change.org

The petition is not only the fastest-growing petition in Change.org history, but has also gotten the attention of President Obama, P.Diddy, Nelly and Jamie Foxx.

Social causes, like #Trayvon and #STOPKony are receiving positive and negative attention on the internet, and while it may be too early to tell if any change is going to take place there is a buzz online.

What do you think?

  • Will social engagement drive change for these causes?
  • What is the value of a RT or hashtag?
  • Why are these stories getting more awareness on social media than prime news spots?
  • Is social media activism good?
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