Job Seekers Find What They Need on Indeed


Image from: Business Image / Shutterstock

With millions of job seekers still searching for their next pay check, has established itself as the top dog in the online job search space.  Indeed’s new approach to job hunting has dethroned perennial powerhouses Monster and Careerbuilder.

Unique Visitors to Indeed, Monster and Career Builder

Rather than list jobs on their own site, Indeed directs potential candidates onto the listings where they live, on the hiring company’s website.  While it can be difficult to find relevant opportunities on traditional job boards, Indeed’s listings, which are sorted strictly by date & relevance, have proven to be the favorite among job hunters. also gets an enormous amount of SEO juice from these postings.  With more than 18% of all search traffic going into to the Job Search Category looking for Indeed specifically, job seekers are finding what they need on Indeed.  Consequently, Indeed’s branded keywords are the first stop when they sit down at their computers.

Daily Search Referrals in Job Seach Category

Indeed also dominates generic job search terms, capturing more than 18% of the online searches for “jobs.”  Quite a noteworthy accomplishment, considering none of this traffic is coming from paid search, and only accounts for less than 1% of Indeed’s overall search traffic!

Daily Keyword Destinations for Jobs

If the other large job boards intend to climb their way back into the running, instead of eating Indeed’s dust, they’re going to have to make some big changes!

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