The Hunger Games Hysteria

Hunger Games Katniss

Image from: Perez Hilton

There are just three more days until the premier of The Hunger Games and I couldn’t. be. more. excited. It seems like everywhere I turn I see an ad, article, video or something about The Hunger Games so I wanted to see what the Compete data said about the all of the hype.

The official Hunger Games site has seen a huge spike in traffic as of late, receiving 328,977 unique visitors in February alone, a 184.51% increase month-over-month.

According to Mashable, 92% of all Fandango ticket sales this morning were for The Hunger Games movie. I decided to check the Daily Search Referrals for the site to see how much traffic they were getting from The Hunger Games. You’ll notice that the phrase “hunger games tickets” drove .12% of traffic to the site.

Daily Search Referrals for

Social media has also played a huge part in generating hype for this movie. In the same article about ticket sales, Mashable also said that fans of The Hunger Games Facebook page have increased 125% since the beginning of the year. This makes sense when we look at the Daily Keyword Destinations for “The Hunger Games,” you’ll see that Facebook came in at #6 with an average of 518,031,485 site referrals.

Daily Keyword Destinations for The Hunger Games

Have any of you read the books? Are you planning to see the movie? Do you know what your Hunger Name is?

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