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I have to admit between my Facebook News Feed, TweetDeck, Barstool Sports, and combing YouTube for new funny cat videos, my workdays at Compete are pretty filled up.  However, even with my busy schedule, I always try to make time for online games.

Whether I’m pwning Zombies with my Plants on Popcap, Scrabbling it up on Pogo, or Spinning the Wheel of Fortune for Tokens on GSN, online gaming has become an important break from the daily grind…and I’m not the only one who thinks so.

The Online Leisure Gaming industry has shown 28% year-over-year growth in visitors.

Unique Visitors to Online Leisure Gaming Industry

Apart from creating awesome and highly addictive games, how have these Gaming Titans managed to drive such an increase in traffic to their sites?

A quick look into incoming traffic shows the top 3 channels are:

1)      Social Media (Facebook)

2)      Direct Traffic

3)      Search

Incoming Traffic Dashabord for the Online Leisure Gaming Industry

So when it comes to leisure gaming sites competing for the 1 billion+ visits per month, they need to do 3 things to solidify their place in the market:

1)      Optimize their partnerships, driving as much traffic as they can through Facebook, mobile, etc.

2)      Keep developing entertaining and enjoyable games that keep gamers coming back

3)      Leverage SEO & SEM around industry specific keywords to capture as much traffic as possible

Daily Keyword Destinations for Free Games

If you want to learn more about how you can leverage Compete PRO in your business, give me a call.  Or at the very least, find me on Words With Friends: btino33 – I need the practice!

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  1. Rob

    It’s interesting to see from the charts that most companies are going for natural shares instead of trying to pay for it. Yet, you can see, if done right, as in pogo’s case that you have the ability to grow and gain more volume than your competitors.


  2. Scott

    Great post! I think this just proves the reach of social media, which is almost on a second wave of growth based around a growth in mobile and the ability to access your social platform anywhere. Any user can read what a game is about and make an initial decision on the game but as soon as a friend/colleague/random person you follow mentions the game in a positive light, it gives that game an instant credibility that could not be generated organically.

    Even though organic uses or downloads will always be a major source of traffic, with our growing social/mobile world, SEO and SMO will not be enough to keep pace.