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A mild winter followed by an early spring here in Boston has me thinking about planting a garden. Living in the city, this can be challenging. I grew up in a more rural part of the state. My mother still maintains a roadside farm stand where she sells extra produce and flowers she has grown and I spent many childhood summer hours pulling weeds and stones from her garden. It was a hated chore then, but now, living in the city, I look back with fondness on the activity.

Last summer I managed three Earth Boxes with tomatoes and peppers. The cherry tomatoes did great, everything else – not so much. I’m hoping to expand to kitchen herbs this year, and possibly different veggies.

But look at the time! It’s already mid March and I haven’t even started seeds. Planting guides for the region (border of zone 6 and 7) say I should have started weeks ago. But looking at traffic for popular seed catalog sites shows I’m not all that late as long as I don’t delay. Year after year, interest in these sites reaches the nadir in November and peaks in April. Those of us who haven’t ordered seeds by then are buying seedlings at the garden center.

UVs to Popular Seed Catalog Sites

More general purpose gardening sites have traffic shifted ahead a month — lowest in December and highest in May as we wait for the seedlings to grow and plan out our garden designs.

UVs to General Purpose Gardening Sites is the clear leader of this group. In fact, it is the top site in Compete’s “Home Improvement’ category for January 2012.

UVs for Home Improvement

There are a lot of people out there this spring with plans for summer gardens. Are you one of them? All I’ve managed this year is putting together a Pinterest board of urban gardening ideas. Ideas for growing vertically for as maximum yield per foot of my landlord’s grass killed. Now to start some seeds.

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  1. Alan

    Here in France, I too have been used to living in a city, London in Fact. Since coming here to France the weather here is much hotter. I have now become a friend of the earth. and compost everything from the kitchen to use in the garden. I have really got into growing my own food, I try to get assistance from my older brother in the UK, as he has been a grower for years. But the conditions here are so different. So I too am having to learn the tropical way to grow food, and many types of trees and flowers.