March Madness: Which Teams Are Most Popular?


Image from: Solvod / Shutterstock

It’s that time of year again, March Madness is in full swing! Last year, as well as in 2010 , we wrote a posts looking at spikes in traffic and number of searches related to March Madness. We’ve even written about how March Madness has increased traffic to the websites of specific schools, like Butler and Baylor. This year, we wanted to take a look at March Madness from a different angle; we were inspired by Mashable’s post today claiming that Duke is the school with the most online excitement.

We wanted to take this idea one step further, so we checked out the top 20 search referrals to

Top 20 Search Referrals to NCAA.comYou’ll notice that Duke is actually the second team on our search referrals list. Driving 1.84% of all traffic to, Syracuse brings in the most visitors, followed by Duke at 1.62%, Kentucky at 1.39% and Ohio State at 1.02%. What do you think of these results? Will any of these teams make it into the Final Four? If not, who do you think will be there instead?

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