The Weekly Pulse

Weekly Pulse

This week, everyone has been talking about the KONY 2012 mini documentary. The video was published on March 5th and the Invisible Children website saw a huge spike in traffic. The video was highly criticized and Mashable published an article about why creating “slacktivists” isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Didn’t make it to Mobile World Congress this year? AdAge published a list of five mobile tips for marketers who weren’t able to make it to Barcelona for MWC this year. Among other things, they mentioned the importance of having a mobile website, as 60% of business do not currently have one.

TechCrunched reported that Klout will partner with invitation-only, sample sale site Gilt to offer points to users with higher Klout scores. Gilt will take users’ Klout scores and offer that number as a percentage off of products purchased on the site.

In the wake of the recent hysteria created over Path’s address book controversy, Mashable published a post detailing three questions your should ask yourself about the privacy of mobile apps. Do you know how much data your apps are collecting?

With Google’s Panda update, they now have the ability to remove sites that they consider to be spam or “low quality content.” Want to ensure that your site does not get cut? Check out Search Engine Watch’s list of 7 things you can do to prevent a Google ban.

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