Top Diet and Fitness Sites that Worked OUT in January!


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On January 1st each year, the ball drops in Time Square and most of us are full of two things: champagne and resolve. On January 2nd we come up with a list of things we want to change about ourselves in the new year; common resolution themes typically revolve around health, money, and time with family. Given that money and family behaviors are a little more ambiguous in terms of online behavior, let’s focus on the biggest online gainers in Diet/Fitness/Beauty category in January.

In the Diet and Fitness Category, the Top 15 sites by UV’s are as follows.

Top 15 Diet and Fitness Sites
While,,,, and rounded out the top five for number of UV’s in the month of January for the Diet/Fitness/Beauty category, it’s interesting to note that 4/5 share a community or forum functionality. I’d surmise that these top sites got a natural SEO boost this January from all of the fresh user generated content and also reaped the benefits of positive brand buzz from community members via social media.

Top 15 by Unique Visitors

UVs Top 15 Diet and Fitness Sites

While UV’s gives some insight into the overall popularity of these sites, I find it interesting to look at the list again ranked by the percentage increase in number of visits. This help us hone in on sites driving traffic to the top performers with  largest percentage gains in January (when the industry peaks).

Top 5 by % Increase & Top 5 Referrers


Top 5 Joy Bauer Referrals


top 5 Beyond Diet Referrals


Top 5 jillian Michaels Referrals


top 5 Nutrisystem referrals


Top 5 referrals weight watchers

From the list of top referrers we see that  Facebook drvies a lot of social media traffic for these sites. For other diet and fitness sites it would be worth while to see how they’re engaging customers and prospects through their site and pages.

Search was also a big traffic driver, pumping large volumes of traffic toward these sites. If I were a search marketer I’d be looking closely at the differences in search strategy for the more established brands like,, and While and are up and coming, it’s apparent that they don’t have the mind share that the other three do as direct traffic only accounts for 9.8% and 6.5% off all traffic respectively, in comparison with the larger brands 20-25% of direct traffic.

Email is also a big traffic driver; if you aren’t subscribed to these sites’ email marketing and you compete with them directly or indirectly you should consider doing so.

Top Growing Sites from Category
Now that you have a taste for the top performing referrers for the top growing Diet and Fitness sites, here are the top 10 performers overall for the category. While there are many similarities between the whole category’s top-performing referrers and that of the top diet and fitness sites, it’s interesting to note how, the current “it” start-up, shines even in the diet, fitness, and beauty industries.

top Movers for Diet and Fitness

Given this top performing traffic referrer information, diet and fitness marketers should be pumped to explore future advertising and partnership opportunities with these specific top referrers that get results.

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