Does Your News Skew Male or Female?

Men and Women

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If you are anything like me you usually get your news from a variety of different sources. As a frequent reader of the NYTimes, BBC and the Boston Globe I don’t have one go to news source.

Looking at Industry Category > News and Media > News: World, we can see the top 20 sites for world news are:

Top 20 Sites for World News

Looking further I compared the top 5 news sources Average Stay to see which news site came out on top.

Average Stay to Top 5 News Sources

The sees a higher average stay over, while sees more monthly unique visitors.

Furthermore I wanted to know whether gender was a factor in deciding news source. Looking at the top 3 news sites (non sub domain) we can see that men are reading more from the top sites.

Gender Demographics for Top 3 News Sources

Why aren’t women showing up higher on these sites? What sources are women getting their news from? Are they relying heavily on blogs or magazines?

What do you think? Where do you get your news from?

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