It’s getting late, are you gamifying your email marketing?

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You use emails to deliver advertisements, contact new prospects, drive sales, build customer loyalty, and increase brand awareness; as an online marketer, you can’t live without some type of email marketing strategy in place. According to a recent report by Forrester Research, American marketers will spend nearly $77B on interactive marketing by 2016 and almost $2.5B of that will be spent on email marketing alone! Optimizing your email marketing efforts is an art and a science, and using gamification (applying game concepts and design to non-games) may be your best bet to stand out in your customers’ cluttered inboxes.

Using Compete PRO to look at the top growing incoming referrals for email providers, we can get a much better understanding of shifts in email consumer behavior. In the case of AOL Mail (below), it looks like users are becoming more social. Two online gaming sites experienced huge growth in December, and that may be a sign of a much larger trend. Gamification in marketing is not exactly new, but it has been a hot topic lately and this may provide further evidence supporting it. By gamifying your email marketing efforts, social sharing is more likely to occur, the benefits of your messages getting shared more frequently are obvious.

site referrals to mail-aol december 2011

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