Despite Social Media Campaigns, Games Still Dominate Nabisco’s Referrals

Oreo Birthday

Image from: Nabisco

Today is the 100th birthday of the Oreo cookie, and Kraft Foods is pulling out all the stops. Back in February, they launched a limited edition “Birthday Cake” version of the classic treat, in order to gain attention for their big day. On Facebook, Oreo launched their “Celebrate the Kid Inside” interactive campaign. From their Facebook page, users are urged to share their favorite Oreo stories, including pictures and video. Fans can also buy their friends an actual package of Oreos, to be picked up Target, through the “Cookie Grams” tab. What is most notable, though, is the “Oreo Arcade” section.

Nabisco is certainly good at coming up with innovative Facebook campaigns. Last year, Oero received a lot of press when they set out to break the Guinness World Record for most “likes” on a Facebook post in 24 hours. Although they did break the previous record, their 114,619 “likes” were no match for rapper, Lil Wayne. The day after Oreo claimed their Guinness World Record, Lil Wayne stole the title achieving  588,243 “likes” to his Facebook post

Despite their social media efforts, however, the main traffic drivers to their site seems to be games. In fact, 6 of the top 7 search referrals to are related to the games available to play for free on their website. It appears as though all of their birthday social media efforts are no match for the games, as any mention of Oreo’s birthday doesn’t appear until #37 on the search referral list.

Daily Search Referrals to

While the games on their website are certainly entertaining, I am curious as to how many game players end up purchasing Nabisco products. What do you think Nabisco could do to turn their gamers into customers?

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