Don’t Want Your Startup to Get Punk’d? Ask Ashton to Invest


Image from: Business Insider

It’s no secret that heartthrob Ashton Kutcher has a soft spot for tech start-ups. With more than 9 million Twitter followers and investments in everything from Flipboard to Airbnb it seems that no one is going to get Punk’d if Ashton is investing in your start-up.

Looking at I compared three (of the many) of Ashton’s investments:

UVs to Hipmunk, Chegg and Blekko

Chegg, Hipmunk and Blekko serve different purposes on the web. And while Chegg is a place to rent or buy textbooks, Hipmunk is a place to search for flight and hotels and Blekko is a spam free search engine, they are becoming stars of the start-up community.

Looking closer at the three start-ups we can see that Chegg is the top runner of the three with more Unique Visitors in the last two months. With the beginning of the semester and more students are buying and/or renting their books, web traffic to book sites are seasonally higher.

Uvs to Chegg

Looking at Hipmunk we can see that among the top 15 incoming sites, traffic is coming from other travel competitors in the space.

Looking at Blekko we can see that after almost two years of steady traffic, 2012 not only brought a spike in traffic to the site but also an investment from Ashton

UVs to Blekko

These startups might not be leading in their industries, but if they follow along the Path set by Ashton’s other investments (Foursquare and Skype) their web traffic can only be on the rise.

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