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Weekly Pulse

On Thursday, President Obama announced his new plan to protect users’ online privacy. In what seems like a win for user privacy, many companies including Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have signed onto this new privacy plan, and have agreed to abide by users’ do-not-track requests, according to The Verge.

Gizmodo reported on Bing’s new feature released this week called Linked Pages, which allows users to selected pages that will appear in their personal search results. This feature, currently only available in the U.S., allows you to link to a variety of different pages and can import information from your Facebook page.

Speaking of Facebook, Mashable discussed the growing trend among retailers to close their Facebook store due to poor performance. A Mashable source noted that trying to sell goods to people via Facebook was “like trying to sell stuff to people while they’re hanging out with their friends at the bar.”

The Jeremy Lin-induced hysteria is still going strong this week, and consequently AdAge published an article about how to “stop the Lin-sanity and build lasting value for your brand instead.” The article maintained that companies should aim to secure more than just “15 seconds of fame”  secured by short-lived celebrities like Jeremy Lin and Rebecca Black and instead, work towards building lasting impact.

Finally, the New York Times featured an article discussing the ways in which political campaigns use online data to help customize ads. According to the article, ads are aimed at people based on their location, websites they visits as well as their voting records.

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