Does Crowdfunding Drive Traffic?


Image from: Markus Gann / Shutterstock

Crowdfunding is quickly becoming a new trend especially in the online space. With websites like, and creative projects are being supported and funded by people on the web.

With even more ways to fund creative projects I looked at to see which website sees highest traffic.

Looking at we can see that has over 700,000 Unique Visitors and takes the lead as the go-to crowd funding site.

UVs to Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Quirky

Looking further we can see that 54% of the domestic internet population visiting Kickstarter has a household income of 60K or less. Not only that but we can see that the majority are between 25 and 34 years old.

Income Distribution of Kickstarter

Age Demographics of Kickstarter

With approximately 250,000 unique visitors 34 and under, where are visitors going after they visit the site?

As a platform for funding, Kickstarter uses various sites to promote the projects. Looking at Outgoing Sites we can see that blogging and networking sites are visited after viewing the projects.

Outgoing Sites for Kickstarter is not only driving traffic to their site, but also to industry sites. It looks that Kickstarter is not just a Crowdfunding site but a crowdsending site as well.

How can Kickstarter further kickoff creative projects that are also being shared on other sites?

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