Is LinkedIn Becoming A More Personal Professional Network?

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LinkedIn has secured their seat as one of the most widely used social networks on the web and since they went public last year, they’ve seen even more explosive growth and remains a site to keep an eye on (even with all the recent buzz about Pinterest). What was once thought of as an online résumé repository has quickly become much more. Is everyone’s favorite professional network becoming more personal? LinkedIn is also a dream come true for marketers who work with online advertising; advertisers have a fantastic audience available to them since in January 2012, 56% percent of the visitors to made over $60k and 28% made over $100k!

Based on the incoming traffic referrals in the chart below, it looks like the start of a shift in the way people are using LinkedIn. The social network has seen a large rise in referrals from retail sites since October 2011, perhaps due to people looking for seasonal holiday work at retail stores. Add into the mix sites like and, and it may be a safe bet that people are starting to use LinkedIn as a primary social network—including both personal and professional needs—and sharing deals and products with their LinkedIn connections.

top growing incoming referrals to linkedin november 2011

Because Compete’s search referral data shows that many people are arriving at LinkedIn after searching for names of specific people, LinkedIn is becoming a great tool to personalize marketing campaigns for your customers and prospective clients, and staying current with how potential customers use social media outlets like LinkedIn is a critical component of how they will buy what you’re selling.

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