Searching for Easy Gifts and New Love: Valentine’s Day Afterthoughts

Valentines Day Mail

Image from: PISETSAK PUKAEWPUEAK / Shutterstock

Those that are romantic (or obligated) diligently prepare Valentine’s Day surprises for their loved ones months, weeks, or days before the holiday.  But what of those who wait until the last minute?

With our Compete search data, we found that of the top 500 search referrals from Google, Bing and Yahoo on Valentine’s Day last week, only about 10 were even related to the “commercialized” holiday.  When it comes down to the wire, most people are not banking on flowers or chocolates.  The gift of choice for procrastinators?  E-cards!  Most online users were searching for free e-cards to send out and love quotes to fill them up with.  Alright, of course, there were searches for jewelry as well, but handmade jewelry.

Valentine-Related Search Terms Out of Top 500 Most Searched

Without spending any money, these people ensure that their significant other, friends, and family know that they care about them on this special day.  On Valentine’s Day, these users accomplished this by using the top 5 Valentine-related Search Referred sites which create e-cards.  On the other hand, Valentine’s Day makes lonely souls yearn for companionship and nothing speaks louder for this than the number of users who searched for online dating sites on the 14th.

Online Dating Search Referrals Out of Top 500

That’s probably why over 17K unique visitors also searched for “The Bachelor” to catch up with bachelor Ben Flajnik and his hometown dates.  I guess more people were concerned about this than the 14K UVs who searched for “Obama Itinerary for February 15, 2012” for his LA visit

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  Next year, feel free to send an e-card to those you love!