Godiva.com vs. Hersheys.com: Whose side were you on for Valentine’s Day?


Image from: Yuri Arcurs / Shutterstock

Although it may not be the holiday St. Valentine intended, friends and loved ones alike celebrate February 14th as a day of love, romance, and joy. Even if you don’t have a significant other, Valentine’s Day is that one special day that we all feel entitled to a little or a lot of an infamous guilty pleasure: chocolate. In all shapes, sizes, colors and flavors, we are bombarded with this decadent treat in every store and on every ad leading up to the big day. I decided to use Compete.com in order to compare two well-known chocolate brands to see when and what people were searching days prior to Valentine’s day.

The first site I looked is known as a higher end chocolate brand, Godiva.com. Judging from their traffic, many people visited the site 4 days prior in order to be well prepared for Valentine’s Day. Starting from February 11th, daily reach climbed a great deal and actually peaked on February 13th. It fell steadily on the actually holiday and reach has evened out thus far this month.

The second site I wanted to look at was the infamous Hersheys.com. As a significant brand name, Hershey’s is popular with kids and adults alike. From the graph below, we can see their reach stayed pretty consistent through the holiday and dropped significantly on Valentine’s Day.

Daily Reach to Hersheys.com and Godiva.com

I also wanted to take a look at keyword referrals for the search term “chocolate” for each website to see which site won out in terms of keyword search volume and average time on the site.

Daily Search Referrals for Chocolate

As we can see, Hersheys.com has a dedicated fanbase that looked to an all time classic for many keyword searches, and also stayed there longer than being at Godiva.com. However, it is interesting to note that Godiva.com won out on keyword volume search when it came to the most exact search of all, “chocolate.”  Which chocolate brand did you buy, eat, or dream of when it came to Valentine’s Day this year?